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Arsenic and Adobo

Mia P. Manansala

Arsenic and Adobo is classified as a “cozy mystery” which is a genre I had no idea even existed. It was fun, cute, and simple. I unraveled the mystery pretty quickly about half way through, but it was a pleasant read that I needed at the moment. I don’t think it was without it’s issues, but I honestly wasn’t paying enough attention to be able to dissect them here. I do appreciate the authors content warnings at the beginning. I think it shows she cares. I’m sure there are critical analyses of this text out there, but I just didn’t care. If you are looking for a relaxing read this could definitely fit the bill, especially if you enjoy mysteries! It was also just nice to read from an entirely different genre. I don’t think mystery is necessarily my jam, but I do appreciate seeing Filipino rep in literature. And lord did this make me HUNGRY. I read this with @nerdtasticnoms and @enjoyjournaling. I love our little, chill book club.

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