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All We Can Save

[Closed] GIVEAWAY – If you are anything like me, which you probably are in some way or another, the climate crisis scares you. And even in the day when you try to suppress it, that feeling of eco-anxiety is always there, in the back of your mind. You have probably felt helpless, wondering what EXACTLY can you do? What is your path forward? Lucky for us, All We Can Save provides answers to so many of those questions.

To say this book changed my life is not an exaggeration. I worry about the future of this planet so much. It keeps me up at night. But the beauty of this book is the road map provided to climate solutions. I don’t know about you but I am so sick and tired of reading article after article of doom and gloom and no solutions. It is old, tiring and frankly, stupid. We can demand better. This book will make you cry, it will make you scream, it will scare you, but it will also make you hopeful and embolden you to take action. It details so many solutions in the simplest of terms making it easy to grasp. I learned so much from the importance of #landback and investing in Indigenous communities, regenerative OCEAN farming (mind blown), details of the Green New Deal I never knew about, and small things to advocate for in your local community. Most importantly this book highlights that the fight for climate justice is absolutely a civil rights issue. If we are to truly create a revolution where everyone’s voice is heard it will take every single one of us. No voice is too small in this fight. We all have something to provide.

In honor of community Brittany and I have come together for a very special giveaway. We have 3 copies of this book to give. Brittany is a climate justice advocate and always has great tips on how to live a more sustainable life and actions you can take to advocate for environmental justice.

Rules (US Only) ends Sunday night:
1. Follow @teachermomchronicles and me.
2. Share in your stories tagging us (if your profile is private screenshot and share)
3. For extra entries Comment on something you’re doing right now to fight the climate crisis, nothing is too small!! Less plastic, meat, etc

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